Who is Cedric The Entertainer Wife? 2024

Welcome to USABIZTREND.COM. Today our topic is Who is Cedric The Entertainer Wife? Cedric the Entertainer is a famous American comedian. He has been a beacon of light among stand-up comedians and game show hosts since the 1990s. Ever since he entered the fandom, people have been interested in his personal life and career. His marriage to Lorna Wells has brought people’s attention to him.

           People are getting curious about who this incredible woman is. Cedric is married to Lorna Wells with whom he has two children. Crocs who was born in 2000 and Lucky Rose who was born in 2003. Tyra also has a daughter from his previous relationship.

Cedric the Entertainer Wife:

     Now we will get a little more information about Cedric the Entertainer’s wife. 

Who is that incredible person?

      Cedric The Entertainer has had a 25-year relationship with LORNA WELLS.Despite her husband’s popularity, Lorna does not act and work in the entertainment industry. She prefers to live away from the lights and screens. 

Who is Cedric The Entertainer Wife?

      Cedric was very early in his career in the entertainment industry when he met Lorna. Cedric and Lorna met while hosting the BET show Comic View in the 1990s. They started dating in 1995, then Cedric and Lorna tied the knot on September 3, 1999. 

Family life.

      Cedric and Lorna have two biological children. A son, Crooks Kyles, and a daughter, Lucky Rose, were born after four years of marriage. Cedric has a daughter, Tyra, from a previous relationship in the 1990s. After marrying Lorna, Cedric officially adopted his daughter.

Personal life.

       Lorna Wells is not a social media lady. Her love for her husband is very sincere and purposeful. She makes sure that Cedric returns her equal love. Cedric has learned to love Lorna regularly. Their being a famous couple in Hollywood makes no sense. Their love for each other is the reason they are famous.


                 Lorna Wells is a famous costume designer in America. She is an HR consultant and has strong experience working in both public and private sectors. Lorna has always learned to handle complex cases at all levels as well as large projects. 

      She is a very strong HR consultant. She has led many complex investigations and hearings. The school has faced serious allegations of discrimination and harassment. Because she was a school HR specialist.


        Cedric the Entertainer and Lorna have been married for over 25 years. Their married life can be described in this way.

         Cedric and Lorna have been together since 1995 and have celebrated 25 years together. Lorna has always supported and supported Cedric throughout his career and often accompanied him to his shows, events and premieres. Despite being a public figure, Cedric has always kept his personal life private.While Lorna also prefers to stay away from the spotlight and the screen. 

     Cedric has credited Lorna with being his rock and helping him navigate the ups and downs of the entertainment industry. The couple avoids drawing attention to their personal life and focuses on their family and individual pursuits.


           Cedric has always continued his involvement with the high school by awarding scholarships to graduating seniors through the charitable foundation. Cedric has also worked as an insurance claims adjuster and substitute high school teacher before becoming a postdoctoral fellow at Southeast and Missouri State University. Received Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts and Humanities in May 2015. In 2018, St. Louis honored him by renaming a street after cedric.

                Overall, Cedric the Entertainer’s married life is a testament to the power of a strong, supportive partnership and a commitment to family and privacy.